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PHP / Jan 03, 2014
Hello everyone, after a long brake it might be time that TroXuS might be going back up. With copyright infraction out of the way TroXuS Gaming can continue it's work. At the moment our cash reserves are at the bottom so I gotta tell you this don't expect the servers to go back up soon, that is the down side. After seeing our peak moment I just can't give up on TroXuS Gaming, I have seen what can happen after some effort.

Now on the bright side I should say that I have started a new project which is going up really efficiently. I was working on my Java project. I decided to go out of my retirement fully and do not just web sided coding. This is a RuneScape Private Server or RSPS for short. If any of you will be interested I will be leaving the temporary website link for all of you who might be interested into this, you will be able to find the link at the bottom or this new announcement.

Now there are questions, what to do with TroXuS Gaming. I was thinking of not only providing entertainment with games, but also creating a community sided part of TroXuS, such as community forums and topsite. Be free to give me feedback on this.

You can contact me via the new temporary website:
Via my email:
Or via my Skype:

Dominic, Privatas/PHP Owner of TroXuS Gaming
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